Dino Dvornik

Aug 20, 1964 - Sep 7, 2008(44)

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– When we argue, the whole neighborhood hears us and when we laugh, the whole neighborhood hears us! – about Dina and Daniela.

The love story of Dino and Danijela began in Split. Danijela, in a crowd of people, saw him walking through the city and at the same moment thought: - God, this man is everything I don't need in my life. - Coincidentally, the next day, Dino organized a party at home, as he used to say, "according to custom". But they almost didn't meet.

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Danijela planned to leave the party early that evening. She had enough fun, Split that night was the same as every other night - the same music, the same people, the same vibes. But somehow, one would say fatefully, she ended up in his apartment on a date. Dino "fixated" her with his gaze, they started talking and mutual sympathy took place. They talked all evening, and Dino fell asleep from fatigue. When the evening ended, Danijela disappeared. She would not leave him a number or an address.

Arriving home, she realized that she did not know how to get to him again, and she herself became sad. They both wished to meet again, but the days passed, and they could not see each other. Finally, they met again by chance in a cafe. Dino did not miss the opportunity then. He quickly approached her and grabbed her hand. That was it.

Dino and Danijela fell in love before Dino released his first album. But at the beginning of their romance, they did not have enough money to finance their life together and marriage. When Dino recorded and released the first album, they knew the time was right.

They got married immediately after the release of the album. Boris advised his son to come live in the Croatian metropolis. He told him that Zagreb offers more possibilities and opportunities for young artists. But Danijela could never even think that she would leave Split.

She loved that city so much that she knew when her mother would send her outside of Split for two days, she would experience "the end of the suite". However, love prevailed. She moved to Zagreb with Dina. Later, she was able to say that she doesn't miss anything in their small apartment, because it has the most important things in it - Dino and Ella. And Dino described their love in one sentence: - When we fight, the whole neighborhood hears us and when we laugh, the whole neighborhood hears us! –

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