Dino Dvornik

Aug 20, 1964 - Sep 7, 2008(44)

Trouble after concerts

- If you don't know my letters, then play BLUES! –

The guitarist of the Far Coast, Jadran Vušković, told an anecdote about an unusual concert. Namely, the team from the Far Coast and Dino were old friends. When this group was just starting their career, the good-natured Dino would attend their concerts to increase their popularity. That's how they also invited him, while his career was stagnating, to be their guest at concerts. They always had each other's backs. It was the same at one of Dina's concerts.

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Dino was waiting for the band. The performance was supposed to start in a few minutes, and there was no sign of the band. He didn't know where they were, or when they would come, or if they would come at all. He didn't know what to do. He wanted the concert to start on time, but that was obviously not possible.

It occurred to him to ask guests from the Far Coast to act as his band. Vušković tried to explain to him that he did not know how to play his songs. He had never played "Elephant" and did not know how to "take it off". Everything was leading to disaster...

However, Dino did not share Vušković's nervousness. It didn't bother him that he didn't have his own band, because he knew that he would make a good concert with any kind of music. "What does it matter if you don't know..." he said nonchalantly to Vušković. This one was still complicated. Dino laughed, hit his palm against his palm and said: - Let's go! If you don't know my letters, then play BLUES! - And so the most original funk/blues concert in our region was performed, with a slight delay. And the weather, it seems, has always bothered Dino.

He once came to play in Opatija with his band. Everyone was ready for the performance that was about to start, but they were surprised because neither the stage nor the equipment had been set up yet. Confused, they called the organizer. He was even more surprised at the invitation.

When Dino angrily explained to him that he would be late for the concert again, he started howling with laughter. - Well, you're only playing here in a month! - he explained. Namely, Dino guessed the day of the concert, but the month seemed to be in a fog. It became clear that there was no middle ground. Dino with his band will either be late - or come a month early.

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