Dino Dvornik

Aug 20, 1964 - Sep 7, 2008(44)

Red horses

About crazy teenage parties.

Dino Dvornik, who needs no special introduction, loved a good time even as a teenager. On one occasion, his daughter Ella asked him for money to go out on the town. He then told her how he and his friends only got a "red horse" from their parents for going out, which was the then slang name for a one hundred dinar bill. Since they didn't have much money to spend on going out, they had to think carefully about which club they could go to. Over time, they realized that it was most profitable for them to go to the club, which they called "U po noge".

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The club was called "U po noge" because invalids of World War II used to spend their days there. Since the veterans were drinking there, the prices were extremely affordable. For only one hundred dinars, as Dino said, they would drink five beers each, after which the real fun had just begun. Although the clientele in the club was mostly disabled people, Dino said that they always had a good time because after the cheap alcohol, the kids would also "become disabled with them".

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