Dino Dvornik

Aug 20, 1964 - Sep 7, 2008(44)

Caja funk

- If only I could drink and play music! –

In his early days, when Dino made a new record, he used to play it at the Shakespeare club in Split. He wouldn't announce to the public that he was releasing new stuff, but would do it secretly. He wanted to see how people would react to the new sound. If he noticed that people were dancing well, he knew that the record was a hit! One evening, a well-known Yugoslav manager noticed him and invited him to Skopje.

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He wanted to see how the audience there would react to Yugoslav funk. The first thing that Dino, as a rising musician, asked was whether he could make any money from that performance. The manager told him tactfully that he didn't know.

To that, Dino, showing his love and dedication to what he does, replied: - I don't need anything to do, as long as I drink and play music, and have good music! –

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