Dino Dvornik

Aug 20, 1964 - Sep 7, 2008(44)

He was energy

– If I saw him now, I would say to him: "Welcome!" – Danijela about Dina.

Dino was a creative energy. He lived ahead of his time. If I start to remember what I miss about him, I miss his energy.

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When he left the stage, Dino was one - a cobbler. He would immediately get dressed in pajamas and slippers, sit at home and watch movies! He loved movies! Lately, he also liked to play games.

I hated when he eats at night. And how he drives around town. And that standing in crowds, that annoyed him a lot. He hated waiting. We solved it so that everyone drives their own car.

I think he would come into his own in the present time. He would do the muse he always wanted. If I saw him now, I would say to him: - Welcome! –

This memory was preserved by Dino's wife Danijela Dvornik.

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Danijela Dvornik

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