The greatest gift to those who are gone is remembrance.

From the very beginning, we carved the names of our loved ones in stone, hoping they’d be remembered by those to come. But the memories behind, they faded with time...

The stone stood quiet. The legacy was lost, and their story was forgotten. Until today.

Spiritus takes an age-old tradition of storytelling and gives it a digital heartbeat. We ensure that, while our loved ones are resting in peace, the stories and memories they left behind are forever alive, vibrant, and just a click away.


Spiritus, where every life story finds its forever after.

Spiritus gives you the opportunity to:

  • create a beautiful and unique memorial of your loved one,

  • digitally share and exchange memories with family and friends,

  • store your loved one's memories forever through blockchain, with 24/7 user support available.


Our loved ones live through the stories we tell.

Become the Memory Guardian of your loved one to:

  • share and forever preserve their life story in a digital format,

  • commemorate their life through tributes and photographs,

  • post and exchange beautiful memories with family and friends,

  • be reminded of significant anniversaries.

Create a Memorial

City cemeteries are becoming digital museums.

The exclusively in-app feature „Memory Walk“ enables you to:

  • easily locate and visit burial places through the cemetery map,

  • show your visit by digitally commemorating, sending tributes, stories and roses,

  • geolocate your loved one's burial place and make it visible for everyone who wishes to commemorate,

  • read your locals' life stories and discover inspiring but unknown lives.

Learn about Museum

Join the Spiritus community in our journey of remembrance.

Let the stories of your loved ones live on. Save them within the world's first Museum of Life Stories. Forever.

Become a Memory Guardian

Become a Guardian. Save your loved one's stories, forever.

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