Dino Dvornik

Aug 20, 1964 - Sep 7, 2008(44)


Dino as Morpheus.

Giuliano used to say that the best tour in his life was the one he went on with Dino Dvornik, Dalek Obala, Golden Ducats and Flying Squad. In sixty days they had more than forty-five concerts. They traveled constantly by bus, which they used to arrive in a new city every day.

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On the eighteenth day of no sleep, Giuliano got a terrible headache in the morning. He couldn't even move. At breakfast, he was lying on the table, barely drinking black coffee. At that moment, Dino entered - all happy and cheerful. - Oh dear, what's up! Let's go to Đir, it's a beautiful day! he exclaimed. Giuliano tiredly told him to leave him alone and explained that he had a headache. Dino, without waiting an hour, reached into his pockets and took out handfuls of pills - without the wrappers. Giuliano watched in disbelief at what he was doing.

During that time, Dvornik put his collection of tablets on the table and started sorting through them. - What's wrong with me?!? - he muttered to himself. And then, says Giuliano: - Just like in the Matrix! – took out a blue pill, gave it to Giuliano and explained to him that he should drink it immediately. Then he took out a red pill, which is due in half an hour. – The first one will lift you up, you'll fly, and the second one will put you down and your head will go one hundred percent! Dino explained. After that, he collected all the pills and put them back in his pockets.

He said to Giuliano: "Have a drink and I'll come back for you in a few hours when you're done!" – Giuliano didn't take the pills, but after a while he felt better, so they went for a walk around Šibenik anyway.

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