We believe every life story is worth saving. Because it was one simple, but beautiful life story that built us.

Andrija Čordaš was a farmer who lived after WW2 in rural Croatia. He was a humble person who had a loving wife, a few farm animals, and a flute that he adored playing. He dedicated his life to simple beauties and never cared about riches. He died early and several people went to his funeral. That should've been the end of his story. But, Andrija had one friend. His friend was a poet who loved his life. He wrote a poem about his simple, rural, and beautiful life. When he published the poem, members of the most famous Croatian folk band decided to make a song out of it. The song was called “Story of Andrija Čordaš“. The song became one of the most famous Croatian folk songs of all time. Imagine, a song about a person that had the simplest life became legendary! Founding members of Spiritus saw a huge problem and a beautiful opportunity. How many people have a friend who is a poet? Almost none. How many people with beautiful life stories are forgotten? Almost everyone. Almost every human being that ever lived is forgotten they never existed. We don’t know anything about them. What was their passion, what they did, or even what was their name...

At Spiritus, we believe that every human being that ever lived had at least one story worth remembering. That’s why we created this storytelling platform.

It can serve as the place where you can be the poet, while we created the technology through which the stories last, forever.


Life is much more than names and dates written in a stone.

Life is about memorable stories your loved ones left behind. Preserve memories on the most beautiful, secure, and easy-to-use digital memory platform out there.

Spiritus enables saving and sharing digital memorials.

It is safe, simple and beautiful! The memories of our loved ones have immense emotional value. We strive making the app as beautiful as possible.

  • 3000+ Memory Guardians

  • 150+ positive 5.0★ reviews

  • Ensuring eternity through blockchain

Heroic stories are not always found in textbooks.

Discover and tell real life stories from ordinary and unordinary heroes! Explore their memorable stories about love, family, career, war...

  • Everyday is an anniversary of someone interesting

  • Explore among 10 various themes for searching stories and interesting facts.

  • Imagine their lives through photos.

City cemeteries are becoming local museums.

We believe there is more than just flowers and stones. Discover beautiful life stories hidden behind the names and the dates!

  • More than 10 cities already onboarded.

  • Read about inspiring people.

  • Discover the city's cultural heritage.


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