Nikola Tesla

Jul 10, 1856 - Jan 7, 1943(86)

Scientific butchery

One winter evening, Tesla, Edison, Johnson and Batchellor were sitting at the table...

Tesla often received compliments at the expense of his good clothes and appearance. It is less known that all of Tesla's suits were made according to his measurements from his youth. Measures that have not changed. They didn't even need to because Tesla's weight didn't change even a kilo throughout his life.

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An anecdote that happened one winter evening in 1885 is almost unknown. Tesla, along with Mr. Edison, President Edward Johnson, and Works Manager Batchellor went to a business meeting at the offices of the Edison Illuminating Company. Out of boredom, they started guessing each other's weight.

The owner of the company, Thomas Alva Edison, felt Tesla all over his body and declared: - Tesla weighs exactly 68.95 kg. On the blanket! - And he was right. Namely, Tesla really weighed that many kilograms. Without clothes, he weighed exactly 64.41 kg, and that was his weight throughout his life.

Surprised Tesla, he asked Mr. Johnson: - How did Edison manage to guess my weight so accurately? – Johnson smiled slightly and came closer to Tesla. - Come on - he continued, lowering his voice to an almost inaudible whisper - I will tell you, but in confidence. You mustn't tell anyone. –

Tesla was very intrigued. He encouraged Johnson to continue. The latter told him: - Edison was employed by you for a long time in the Chicago slaughterhouse. There he weighed thousands of pigs every day! That's why he hits the weight without any problems and precisely. Because he was a butcher! –

Tesla then gained a new form of respect for this unusual businessman. Respect, which will soon be completely buried in one of the greatest intellectual conflicts of the 20th century - the so-called war of currents.

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