Nikola Tesla

Jul 10, 1856 - Jan 7, 1943(86)

The first invention

The frogs work of a small inventor.

Tesla, called the greatest inventor of the 20th century, created his first inventions in his childhood. For the rest of his life, he remembered his first and deadly invention.

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Namely, living in isolated Smiljan, together with his friends he invented unusual children's games. During one of them, he had a terrible fight with one of the richer boys. Unfortunately for Tesla, that boy soon came into possession of the right fishing hook. Tesla's sworn enemy became the biggest dude in the village. The next day, all the village boys, following the one with the hook, went hunting for frogs. Tesla was not invited.

He was sad and lonely. He imagined what that hook all the boys were talking about looked like. Namely, at that time, Tesla had never seen a real hook and imagined it as something unusual, astonishing and magical. Having no one to play with, he decided to make his own copy. - All the boys will turn green with jealousy when they see his hook! And a hook he made himself! - he thought.

Somehow he got hold of a piece of soft iron wire, stuck its end on a sharp point between two stones, bent it into a semicircular shape and attached it to a strong rope. Then he cut off a stick, collected a bucket of insects, and went down to a stream where frogs were plentiful. He hunted for hours. But without success. He was almost discouraged. It suddenly occurred to him to hang the empty hook in front of the frog sitting on the stump. She was frightened at first, but soon her eyes bulged and became bloodshot. The frog suddenly inflated into a huge green balloon and quickly and viciously reached for the hook with its tongue. Nikola immediately pulled her away. It was his first catch.

He tried the same thing again and the method proved infallible. When his friends who, despite their beautiful equipment, did not catch anything, saw his bucket full of frogs, they really turned green with envy! Nikola kept his secret for a long time and enjoyed the frog monopoly, but after a while he indulged in the spirit of giving gifts. He taught the boys his trick, and the following summer was disastrous for the frogs.

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