Nikola Tesla

Jul 10, 1856 - Jan 7, 1943(86)

that tetkama

Beauty comes from within, or?

Tesla's family often told a funny story about Nikola among themselves. Namely, Nikola had two aunts. Both were elderly ladies, with wrinkled faces, and one of them had two protruding teeth. Nikola used to remember how those teeth stuck out like elephant tusks. They poked him and dug into his cheek every time she kissed him.

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This famous scientist hated more than anything in the world when those two unattractive female relatives would pull him on and tease him, and the worst of the worst was kissing. Then he would wipe the traces of their saliva from his cheeks with disgust. That's why he preferred to run away from them. Everything about those aunts annoyed him terribly.

On one occasion, the aunts were sitting at the table drinking coffee with his mother Đuka and some neighbors. Đuka went to get Nikola, took him in her arms and brought him into the room. The very sight of the aunts made the boy grumpy. As if that wasn't enough, after the procedure of hugging and kissing, the hated relatives started teasing him. Suddenly one of the neighbors asked Tesla: - Which of these two elegant ladies is more beautiful to you? –

Tesla began to look at them. Thoughtfully, he looked analytically at their faces, measuring first one, then the other. Finally, he pointed to the one without tusks and said: - This one is not as ugly as the other one! - This caused thunderous laughter from everyone present, and it goes without saying that, from that day on, his aunts (fortunately) kissed him much less often.

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