Nikola Tesla

Jul 10, 1856 - Jan 7, 1943(86)

The mind as a driver

– Memories of his achievements make all my successes worthless. –

Tesla, as a small child, suffered the severe loss of his beloved older brother Dana. He always said that Dane was extremely talented, more talented than him. After his brother's death, he tried to please his parents in various ways. But his successes were not enough. They mourned their lost son for the rest of their lives. Because of this, Nikola was very insecure as a boy.

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The image of his brother's death followed him throughout his childhood. In moments, she would become so terrible and strong that he would never be able to get rid of her. Then he started training his brain. At first, he would try to force himself to banish that unfortunate image from his memory by imagining objects from close proximity. At the age of twelve, he succeeded for the first time. Nevertheless, this technique worked, the first few times, but the trauma was stronger than desired. It wouldn't be long before the vivid and almost real image of his brother would reappear in his head. Then Nikola had to force himself to imagine another object in detail and the image would disappear again. But she would soon return again. The boy had to constantly imagine more and more objects to suppress the trauma. Finally, when he exhausted all objects and his native Smiljan, he began to imagine some distant worlds, cultures or people. Then the events. He would say later that these people from his mental journeys became as dear to him as those he met in Java. He would daydream and travel through his imaginary worlds all night long.

But at the age of seventeen, everything changed. Already a mature young man, he decided to direct his ability to imagine in detail into the creation of inventions. His imagination was trained. When the idea dawned on him, his incredible capacity for imagination was already so strong that Nikola could independently put together a patent and test its operation. That was miraculous. He could imagine different machines and their workings when started so well, that he could even see the mistakes in his inventions, before he even put anything on paper. After construction, the machines worked. After twenty years of work and more than a hundred patents, there was not a single exception. Everything that he imagined, started in his mind, analyzed and fixed, and then created, worked perfectly. He said: - Implementing a "rough" idea in practice, as it is generally done, is just a waste of energy, money and time. –

Nikola never lost. The trauma he remembered all his life was exactly what made him a genius. He directed his incredible ability of imagination for the betterment of the human race. He gave us alternating current, radio, laser, refrigerator and hundreds of other items that we either use or that were the basis of future inventions. Without Nikola Tesla, the 20th century would not have been a century of progress.

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