Toše Proeski

Jan 25, 1981 - Oct 16, 2007(26)

- I love you all! –

- I want you already! – the biggest humanitarian among the stars.

Toše Proeski, a singer with an angelic voice, has become the favorite of the entire region in his twenty-six years of life. He built his career not only with unforgettable songs, but also with his personality. Although he had a large number of fans and although he won prestigious awards for his works, he remained modest. He respected his fans by always saying that if it wasn't for them, there wouldn't be him either. He always selflessly gave them autographs, took photos with them and would give everyone a piece of his time.

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Generosity and generosity were qualities that were always associated with Toša. Fans have been throwing teddy bears at him since his teenage performances. What was special about Toša was that the teddy bears did not end up in the trash like other stars. Toša's whole team backstage found it funny that he always asked to collect all the stuffed toys that ended up on the stage during the concerts.

He collected teddy bears in his birthplace in Kruševo and had a special room there just for them. His obsession with stuffed animals was comical to everyone, until they found out that Toše collects toys so that he can later take them to the orphanage.

Children had a special place in Toša's heart. He performed at countless humanitarian concerts, and he organized many of them himself. He held his last big concert on October 5 at the City Stadium in Skopje, and all the income from the concert was intended for the renovation of Macedonian schools. The duet "I love your smile" that he performed together with Antonija Šola was intended for a campaign that taught children the importance of oral hygiene. The organizers were surprised that he refused to receive a fee for it.

He also financed the renovation of the Clinic for Children's Diseases in Skopje, and he gave money to many people for treatment, without media coverage. His song "This world" became the UNICEF anthem. In 2003, he received the Mother Teresa award for his humanitarian work. In Kruševo, he began the renovation of the local monastery where he found peace of mind throughout his life. After Toša's untimely death, his parents established a fund in Toša's honor through which they continued to help people.

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