Toše Proeski

Jan 25, 1981 - Oct 16, 2007(26)

The nicest surprise

The most beautiful surprise prepared for Toša by a mysterious girl.

Toše Proeski, a famous Macedonian singer who united the entire Balkans with his art after the war, was known for his beautiful love lyrics. Although he had many female admirers of all ages, he was not of a romantic nature and did not engage in romantic relationships with them. He wanted his love life to be private, so only two of his loves are known to the public - Blagica and Andrijana.

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When asked about his love life, he often used to say that he likes it when girls surprise him in a relationship. The most beautiful surprise for him was prepared by a girl unknown to the public.

After spending the night at Toša's place, she woke up much before him. She wrote motivational verses, short messages, wishes, quotes on lots of colorful sticky notes... She pasted some on the walls, and hid some in his shirt pockets, jackets, pants and all kinds of other places where it wouldn't be expected.

When Toše woke up, he saw the entire wall of his room plastered with papers. At first he was surprised, but when he realized that there were beautiful love messages on them, he was very happy. He was even more amazed when he started finding them all over the apartment! And the funniest thing was when he accidentally started finding stickers with nice messages in his pants pockets, even in his shoes...

And after the two of them broke up, Toše used to find some "post it" in his things. Motivational quotes that he would come across by chance brought a smile to his face during gloomy days. And that small gesture made him happy for a long time. That was one of his nicest surprises...

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