Mirko Kovač

Dec 26, 1938 - Aug 19, 2013(74)

Spy and target

An unusual friendship between UDBA spies and the accused Kovač.

The first book published by this famous Yugoslav writer was the controversial novel "Gubilište". The work was well received by most of the critics, while the other part was extremely controversial. The novel caused controversy in the Yugoslav public due to its pessimistic view of reality.

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The authorities began to follow the young writer because of his suspicious writing. Every week he had to report to a Montenegrin udbas who was in charge of him, and that unusual relationship soon grew into something more.

At first, Mirko had to come to the inspector's office, and then he started calling meetings in bizarre places - in the Drina cafe, on Kalemegdan, on a bench, and later he drove him to some stables with horses outside Belgrade, even to canteens in Udba.

But Mirko never had any problems with him! These unusual meetings started to happen because the spy from Udba was obsessed with literature. He adored Mayakovsky, he could quote him by heart in Russian. For the spy, the young writer's mandatory reporting ceased to be a job. Spending time with Kovač every week and their discussions about literature became a pleasure for him.

The agent and the man he was supposed to supervise became friends. Later, they often used to sit together in the cafe of the "Majestic" hotel, where they would reminisce about the old days and the beginning of this unusual acquaintance, and they remained friends for the rest of their lives.

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