Aug 5, 1906 - Oct 21, 1998(92)

grandmother Zdenka and her family Stožir

Andrija, Rozalija, Ana pl. Gebauer, my šukundjed, šukunbaka and great-grandmother from the I Gebauer family

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my grandmother, whom I called oma since I was a child, was the owner of an apartment in a house that was a family home before the war and which was bought by her father Vlatko Stožir. The Stožir family lived there, and Zdenka had two sisters, Nada and Božena. During the war, Bozena married Karl and moved to Vienna, then to Santiago, Chile, and Nada to Dr. Bazala. When I was born, another family lived in our apartment next to my mother's, but soon they moved out, so my mother Silva, my father Zdenko and I lived in one half of the apartment, and my mother Zdenko lived in the other. Below are some photos from the Stožir family, whose most famous member was my grandmother's grandfather Professor Ivan Stožir, who also owns a street in Zagreb.

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