Aug 5, 1906 - Oct 21, 1998(92)

home craft - sewing bags

useful hobby

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Omica Zdenka knew how to sew. She had a good old Singerica and I'm really sorry that we got rid of her... She didn't sew dresses like her niece Madelena, who also had a famous salon in Tesla Street, but sewed bags. What are small bags - they are in fact nesesses and they had the same function but in a larger number of colors and designs. I remember that there were so many of these bags that the bag needed help, and even I carried them several times to NAMU where they were sold. She used to buy materials mostly in Trieste and used to travel often to Opatija and then to Italy to buy materials. I'm sorry that I don't have one of her souvenir bags...

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