Tin Ujević

Jul 5, 1891 - Nov 12, 1955(64)

The race of ears

About the Belgrade bohemians.

Although at first he seemed insane, the famous bohemian Tin Ujević, disillusioned with politics and love, actually did all the wrong things in order to mislead his fellow citizens and provoke the on-duty gossipers and small-towners.

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On one occasion, he was thrown out of the Serbian cafe. According to the story, Tin, provoked by questions about his own poor hygiene, suddenly started scratching his ears. He arranged nine ears on the table and let them "run". He said he wanted to determine which one was the fastest. But according to Jasen Boka, the ears behaved unsportsmanlike and, instead of proving themselves in this athletic discipline, to the general disgust and fear of the guests, they scattered around the cafe.

A few days later, he was thrown out of the Moskva cafe because he was scratching his ears at the table again, unburdened by the general outrage of the guests. The owner then forbade him to come. The on-call "alternative scene" reacted immediately and at the request of the literary public, but also fearing that he would not be without the profit that such entertainers brought him, the owner turned the tables and Tin was allowed to stay again.

(Jasen Boko: Tin Ujević – biography: thirty years of travel, 2017)

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