Stanko Poklepović

Apr 19, 1938 - Dec 24, 2018(80)

Stankov nadimak

Stanko called "pi**a mother"

Stanko led Hajduk's first team from 1984 to 1986. Then he coaches the Titograd and Banja Luka teams, and the most interesting coaching experience was the one in Iran.

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He was named Iran's Coach of the Year two years in a row. He was recommended to Persepolis by a Slovenian coach who listened to him at a lecture in Slovenia. He went to distant Iran because the Iranians offered him a large salary. There he made a real turnaround in training! The president of the local club, based on his training, concluded that the Croatian coaches are the best. So the other coaches, Ćiro and Ivanković, followed in Špaca's footsteps.

Iranian players Špaci have given an interesting nickname. They called him "Stanko pizda materina". Namely, Špaco would tell them: - Let's work your mother's pussy! - . It should be emphasized that Špaco did not want to insult them.

That was, as Špaco himself says, more "stylistic". The Iranians didn't know what the phrase meant, but as Špaco kept repeating it, they thought it must be some important football advice. Anyway, that advice seems to have helped. Namely, the team, with Špaca's leadership, reached the title of the third best team in Asia.

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