Nikola Šubić Zrinski

Jan 1, 1508 - Sep 7, 1566(58)

The growth of a young warrior

About the childhood of Nikola Šubić Zrinski.

ikola Šubić was born in the fortress of Bribir near Šibenik. He is the son of Princess Jelena Karlović of Krbav and Nikola (III) Zrinski. Because he lived near the border with the Ottoman Empire from a young age, he was taught to face danger and fight. From the age of seven, he was taught how to use weapons and fight. The Šubić family from Bribir moved to Zrin, a property gifted to them by King Ludovik. Then Zrinski was added to the surname Šubić.

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Zrin was an excellent traffic center, and the Šubić Zrinski family quickly began to get rich through trade. Their wealth also increased due to investment in the mining of mines in Gvozdan, where a deposit of silver and lead was found. They invested money in increasing the family's reputation, but also in warfare, because they are once again on the front line of defense against the Turks.

Nikola Šubić Zrinski is described as an aggressive leader, with firm management hands. Physically, he was somewhat taller and stronger than average, as evidenced by the weight of the saber he carried into battle. She weighed even - one and a half kilograms. The first battle in which Nikola proved himself took place in 1540. The Ottomans crossed the Una and besieged Zrin. Ivan went to get help while Nikola stayed to defend the fort. They fought long and fiercely.

Thanks to Nikola's skill, they successfully defeated the Ottomans. News of the abilities of these brave brothers reached the king himself, and they became famous military leaders. Over time, Nikola had to face more and more dangerous and difficult tasks in his life...

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