Nikola Šubić Zrinski

Jan 1, 1508 - Sep 7, 1566(58)

Marriage with Katarina Frankopan

According to legend, the wedding lasted seven days and seven nights...

Nikola Šubić Zrinski married Katarina Frankopan in 1942. She was considered the most beautiful woman in Europe. According to the stories, the wedding lasted seven days and seven nights.

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The marriage between Katarina and Nikola was arranged, and served to establish ties between the two most powerful and richest Croatian families. After the death of Katarina's father, Zrinski inherited twenty-five of his seventeen properties. In his marriage with Katarina, he had the most children in the Zrinski family - fourteen of them. He was a caring, but calculating father, he married all his daughters to Central European nobility. In this way, he provided them with a comfortable life, but he also enabled himself to expand his family ties and acquaintances throughout Europe.

After twenty years of life together, the marriage was interrupted by Katarina's sudden death. She died of pneumonia, which was incurable at the time. After her death, Zrinski married the Czech noblewoman Eva Rosenberg. He chooses her because of her origin, namely, she was a member of a respectable Czech family, but also because she promised to be a caring mother to his many children.

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