Milka Babović

Oct 27, 1928 - Dec 26, 2020(92)

After the wine

How does "Česka Lokomotiva" sing Ćiribiri bela Mare moja?

Emil Zátopek, known as the "Czech Locomotive", was a four-time athletics champion at the Olympics. One of the greatest athletes in history, he competed in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters and in the marathon, breaking many records. Milka Babović was his dear friend.

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Once this famous athlete arrived in Zagreb on his way to Kranj for a sports competition. Milka met him at the Zagreb airport, as a journalist, but also as a friend. Then they went together to one of the salons in Zagreb to record the interview.

During the interview, Milka asked him if he remembered their time together during the preparations in Split. Zátopek replied that he remembers those wonderful times well. He emphasized that he remembered two things best. The first thing was the delicious red wine they drank, and the second thing was the song that Milka taught them to sing. Milka was surprised because she did not remember that she had taught them any song. At that, this famous Czech athlete began to sing in Croatian: - Those are not the masts of my boat, but the legs of my Marica, my white Mare, my white Mare, my white Mare, I'm off to the marina! –

When Milka brought the recording to the newsroom, all the journalists were dying of laughter. Coming to their senses, they began to think about whether it was really fair to broadcast such an interview. Namely, back then the rules were much stricter and more attention was paid to form. In the end, they decided to show it, and several years later, that interview served as an exemplary example of a quality journalistic interview for journalism students all over Yugoslavia.

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