Milka Babović

Oct 27, 1928 - Dec 26, 2020(92)

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How did Milka delight the Krleža family?

Milka Babović, the first sports reporter in Croatia, had a reputation as a very serious journalist. In 1957, she got a job at Radio Television Zagreb, where she founded the first sports newsroom. She also started the first morning workout with a TV screen in 1958 in the show "Vežbajte s nama". From the same year, she also edited the TV Zagreb program "Telesport", in which many famous athletes, coaches, doctors and politicians talked about recreation, top sports, doping, the school system of physical education and many other things.

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In addition to editorial work, Milka reported on all significant sports events - world competitions and the Olympic Games. She always adhered to high professional standards when reporting. She was very elegant and often chose her words. But guesting with host Voja Šiljko in the show Little night talks revealed Milka's other, playful side. Host Vojo teased Milka that, as an athlete, she must like "bulky" and "macho" types of men. Milka answered decisively: - No, I like the type of degenerate intellectuals, just like you! - Vojo Šiljak then asked Milka if there is a famous actor that she particularly likes.

Milka, joking, concluded - No, when Leslie Howard died, I became a widow. - The reactions of the audience to that "teasing" performance by Milka Babović were extremely positive. A long time has passed since the aforementioned interview, and Milka was carelessly walking down the street. Suddenly, a car stopped next to her. A high-pitched voice called out to her from the car: - Babovićka, Babovićka! - Milka stopped and turned around.

She peeked out of the car, no less than – Bela Krleža! Delighted, she said to Milka: - Dear child! We were watching you! Why aren't you always as hot and chatty as you were in Little Night Talk?! –

Milka was delighted, but in her defense she said that she could not talk like that in the diary. Bela laughed sweetly at that, and Milka concluded that even her excessive seriousness sometimes needs to be mocked a little.

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