Branko Zebec

May 17, 1929 - Sep 26, 1988(59)

Dynamo forever

What is the best team Zebec has coached?

Branko Zebec, one of the best European coaches who was invited to coach the great German Bayern after "Dinamo", remained loyal to the club from his hometown until the end of his career.

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He started his football career in Dinamo, where he was a football player, but also one of the most remembered coaches who led the club to victory at the Fair Cities Cup in 1967.

When he was in the final of the Champions League as the coach of Hamburger, German journalists asked Zebec what was the best team he had ever coached.

Zebec laughed at that. Journalists were surprised by such behavior and asked him why he was laughing. Zebec replied that he was laughing because they thought he was going to say Bayern.

He said decisively: - No, the best team I coached in my career was Dinamo Zagreb. –

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