Branko Zebec

May 17, 1929 - Sep 26, 1988(59)

Beckenbauer problems

How did coach Zebec welcome Beckenbauer from the party?

One of the greatest Yugoslav coaches and players of all time, Branko Bebec, started coaching German Bayern in 1968 after leaving Dinamo. Some of the best European players - Muller, Maier and Beckenbauer - play in this club. With the latter, he had to go through a period of adjustment. Sharp and unyielding Zebec wanted to have authority over his players.

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But it was not easy with Beckenbauer, one of the best German players of all time. During the preparations for the upcoming championship, Franz, nicknamed "Der Keiser" ("The Emperor") because of his elegant way of playing, decided to sneak out of his room at the camp. That night, Zebec decided to make an unannounced inspection. At eleven o'clock in the evening he knocked on the door of Franz's room. No one opened the door for him. Zebec opened the door, entered the player's room and, seeing that there was no one there, turned off the light and decided to wait for the German star.

Beckenbauer returned from partying late in the evening. Entering the room, he was shocked when he saw a completely awake coach patiently waiting for him in an armchair. Zebec was extremely angry with his player. It is not known what punishment befell him, but Beckenbauer never repeated his midnight trip again...

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