Blago Zadro

Mar 31, 1944 - Oct 16, 1991(47)

The first major general

He would hold his Motorola in his left hand, which he never parted with, and an automatic rifle in his right.

After participating in the founding of the local HDZ, Blago could no longer work at the "Borovo" factory. He was under such pressure that even his former friends turned their backs on him. He couldn't stand it. Because of this, he left his beloved workplace.

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Then the doctor kept him on sick leave for three to four months, until he got a job in the police. But he was working all that time. He worked secretly to organize the defense. Although he always respected all nationalities, he sensed that the independence of Croatia would not pass without the shedding of innocent blood.

At first they had unarmed detachments in Vukovar. Then Zadro knew at any moment which of their people was in which position. Then some of the people received weapons as a reserve police force. - It's funny to say that now, we got five Kalashnikovs. - said Zadra's friend. - That's a miserable figure. But compared to when you're naked and have no weapons at all, that's a lot. Suddenly we too felt terribly strong. –

His comrades recall that they held on well, despite the fact that they were significantly weaker in terms of manpower and weapons throughout the aggression. - Three things kept us together. Heart, Zadra's organization and thirdly, his approach to people. - they say.

Namely, Zadro was the kind of leader who never had to force anyone to do something. His comrades and colleagues say that he was not a man with a notebook in his hand. He was the one who would take the rifle and go first, and all the others, seeing him as a fearless leader, followed him. - I am Blago Zadro, a worker at the Vinkovci PU. I would like to thank Mr. Chief for sending me to be on the front line in Borovo and to defend Croatia in this area - this hero simply described himself.

And they remember him as exceptionally charismatic. He was agile and fast, more agile than a twenty-year-old. He would hold his Motorola in his left hand, which he never parted with, and an automatic rifle in his right. His comrades also remember how he once called the commander of the enemy army on the phone. He told him: - As long as I'm alive, not one of your soldiers will pass the Trpinj road. –

And so it was. Until Zadra's death, many armored vehicles of the JNA forces were stopped on Trpinjska cesta. So much so that it is called the "cemetery of tanks". Posthumously, Blago Zadro was promoted to the rank of major general. Thanks to him and others like him, the Republic of Croatia was built.

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