Blago Zadro

Mar 31, 1944 - Oct 16, 1991(47)

The key is in your window

– Your key is in the window, unlock it and go in, but think carefully about how you will get out! –

Zadar's comrade Dragan Luketić witnessed one of his legendary statements during the aggression against Croatia in the Homeland War.

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He was in Zadar when his home phone rang. His wife answered and shortly after, screamed!

He gently explained to him that the Chetniks often call when he is on the field and threaten to slaughter them. Then he picked up the phone and said: - Don't swear, we are Christians, Catholics. We are not used to such words. –

The interlocutor on the other end of the line continued in his own way, and Blago, nodding, continued: - But this way, look... I'm Blago Zadro, the address is Bosanska 11. The key is in the window, unlock it and go in, but think carefully about how you're going to get out ! –

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