Zlata Bartl

Feb 20, 1920 - Jul 28, 2008(88)

From Podravka to eternity

Snowy Zagreb and a new invention

Finally finding her place under the sun (even though it was snowing heavily all over Zagreb at that exact time), Zlata Bartl didn't take long to grasp the concept of working as a chemical technician.

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Podravka was everything she wished the workplace could be! Surrounded by friendly colleagues, Zlata was more than allowed to express her enthusiasm for chemistry. And such an environment increased Zlata's innovation! An idea slowly developed in her brilliant mind...

Encouraged by the good business atmosphere, in 1959 Zlata Bartl started the production of new products - Podravka's soups, which Zlata wanted to be similar to her mother's.

This is how the first instant soups from a bag were created: pea soup, mushroom soup with pasta, mushroom soup with potatoes and vegetable soup with semolina.

Driven by the euphoria for new products, Zlata finally comes up with the idea for the spice "Vegeta". Today, the famous Vegeta is a nutritional supplement that is in demand all over the world!

Modest Zlata was the winner of numerous awards, including the Croatian Technical Culture Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award for many years of work and outstanding achievements of the City of Koprivnica, the award of the President of the Republic of Croatia in the order of Danica with the image of Nikola Tesla, and Aunt Vegeta also received the Golden Kuna of the Croatian Economy chambers for life work.

- All my life I dreamed of creating something that would be useful. I'm not just referring to Vegeta, because I've often thought about minerals, and to dedicate myself more to that segment of scientific study. I wouldn't change my life because I was always happy when I was creating something. – said Zlata, our local, only and famous "Aunt Vegeta"!

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