Zlata Bartl

Feb 20, 1920 - Jul 28, 2008(88)

Zlata Bartl – Teta Vegeta

We can thank Zlata Bartl, known as Aunt Vegeta, for the pleasure of the taste of Vegeta, which we use every day in the preparation of various dishes.

Zlata Bartl was born in Sarajevo in 1920, where she completed elementary school and high school. Unwilling to follow in the footsteps of her mother, who was a housewife, young Zlata had only one wish even in her early days - to go to study in Zagreb.

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There she entered the Faculty of Philosophy and, in a few years, earned the incredible title of professor of physics, chemistry, mathematics, mineralogy and meteorology.

Still unknown, "Aunt Vegeta" was very versatile. Already at that time she spoke four languages ​​(German, Portuguese, French and Italian). But her love was hidden in other fields.

Namely, in addition to her pronounced love for music and flowers, Zlata Bartl was a passionate lover of chemistry. However, somehow life managed to lead her to everything, except chemistry. Namely, once she even ended up in prison while traveling with her students to Italy. Since Zlata was previously a member of the Ustasha youth, the Italians did not welcome her with open arms, convinced that Zlata sympathized with Italian fascism.

In prison, Zlata fell ill with tuberculosis, but in the end, her series of unfortunate events unraveled when she arrived in snowy Zagreb. Namely, in the capital, Podravka, she was looking for a chemical technician to work in the laboratory.

Everything further is history. The history that was left written on our plates!

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