Zvonimir Torjanac

Sep 14, 1930 - Sep 9, 2014(84)

Pišta Lugar

Pišta Lugar lends money to Cinoberu for the "cow"

Zvonimir Torjanac was an important Croatian actor of the "old guard" who gained his popularity by acting in important series such as "Jelenko", "Kapelski kresovi", "Beggars and Sons" and many others.

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However, one of the most memorable roles of this talented actor was that of Pište in the famous television series "Gruntovčani". The production, as well as the actors, did not believe that the series would ever be repeated again. Because of this, Zvonimir, along with the entire cast, waived the fees for reruns.

No one could have expected that the series would experience even ten reruns and cult status! It is said in the acting circles that Zvonimir was just as comical as his character Pište. And in memory of the famous actor, we recall one of the most famous scenes of the series, the one in which the incorrigible gambler Cinober and Pišta play cards.

Cinober and Pišta Lugar were sitting in a cafe playing cards. Franz Özbolt Cinnober kept losing and finally ran out of money. He immediately went to Dudek and asked him for some dinars so that he could continue the game. Scary Dudek gave him a loan without hesitation. Not even a minute passed, and Cinnabar lost everything again.

He started urging Lugar to continue the game. Lugar didn't want to play until Cinober showed him the money. Cinnabar didn't stop pestering. Lugar suddenly got up from the table. He asked Cinober to move to another table.

Cinnabar hesitated, but, visibly confused, sat down at the next table. Lugar then said to him: - Cinober, repeat after me. Say it like this. "Listen Pišta. I would like to buy a cow, but I don't have enough money. Lend me fifty lakers." – Cinnabar raised his eyebrows. He started shouting: - Cow? What cow?!? What kind of nonsense are these? What does that mean? – Lugar waited for Cinober to calm down. Then he asked him: - Do you want money or not? - Cinober had no idea what was happening, but seeing that there was no other way out, he agreed to Lugar's game.

- How did you say that, how should I say it? They're worth it. Lugar, I'll take you. I would like to buy a cow, but I don't have enough money. - he repeated after the lugar. Lugar then asked the crowd gathered in the bar: - Have you heard? –

The guests looked at each other shrugging their shoulders. Finally, they confirmed that they are aware of the resulting bargain. Lugar then took out "pennies" from his pocket and gave them to Cinober. Then he asked the famous Dudek: - Did you hear how the two of us mentioned each other, did you hear correctly? –

Dudek confirmed that he heard what happened, but he did not know what kind of cow it was. He said he didn't see any cow. Lugar, leaning his elbow on the table, started to explain this "exchange of goods" that was taking place in front of the eyes of the whole party.

- Dudek, look like this. If it comes to anything, the judge will ask you under oath "and what did Lugar borrow the money for?" What did you say to him? - asked Dudek. Dudek looked at him confused. - Did Bush tell him that I borrowed money to play cards? What would that look like? - he asked him. - You can say in peace that I gave Cinober a penny for a cow! - he concluded. Having said that, Lugar, with a clear conscience, invited Cinober to another game of ajna.

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