Žuži Jelinek

Jul 17, 1920 - Jan 23, 2016(95)

Fearless Žuži

How Žuži saved her parents.

Žuži Jelinek was born as Zsuzsanna Ferber. She was Jewish. Žužina's parents met in Budapest because they were sent to school as deaf people.

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Žuža's father, Izidor, was a great patriot, and after Žuža's birth, the Ferber family returned to Croatia. So Žuži lived at the end of Maksimirska cesta at number 54a in the poor part of the city. She lived in difficult conditions. Then she swore that she would become successful and rich. But problems kept coming.

During World War II, it was dangerous to be Jewish. Žuža's three brothers were killed in various places, and Žuža's parents were to be deported to Jasenovac. In order to save her parents, Žuži went to Sušak to an Italian officer.

Several evenings she went to the Esplanada in Rijeka where she met him privately. That's how she saved her parents. Later, speaking about that period of her life, she boldly said: - I paid for the life of my parents with sex and I'm not sorry! And what you will think about me, I don't care! –

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