Vice Vukov

Aug 3, 1936 - Sep 24, 2008(72)

They had a charmer

How did Vice seduce girls from Šibenik and why did he fail his class?

Mali Vice started singing in his childhood. He performed at school events, and he also liked to sing with street bands that would win the girls of Sibenik that way. But as a kid, he did not yet see himself in the role of a professional singer.

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He was not particularly sociable, and he liked to spend his time with a book. He read everything he could get his hands on - from Jules Verne to textbooks on medicine, biology and astronomy. His love for reading opened the way to another love - that of writing. He never saw writing as something difficult, and he liked to write lyrics the most.

As a teenager, he wrote more than a hundred songs. He also tried his hand at prose, so he wrote a dozen short stories, and he also started writing a science fiction novel set in Antarctica. The main character in his novel was a scientist who wanted to melt the eternal ice and eventually restore life, and Vice described what that hero was like - exactly him. He liked to identify with literary heroes, and during school hours, especially in mathematics classes, he often daydreamed and fantasized.

Although he was intelligent and had a quick memory, he claimed that he daydreamed too much at school and that, compared to some other things, he was not very interested in it. He said that in the end he left her. Other sources say that he was kicked out of the fifth grade of the Sibenik high school because he wrote in one composition that there was a rebellion in Russia in 1917, not an uprising.

Be that as it may, Vice had to repeat the fifth grade of high school. His parents and relatives started to complain and doubt him. He wanted to prove them wrong and decided to become one of the best students. He succeeded in this plan. After re-enrolling in high school, he passed all classes with excellent grades.

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