Špiro Guberina

Mar 1, 1933 - Nov 27, 2020(87)

There are no small roles

Although Špiri's stage speech was initially a "hedgehog's ordeal", it was he who made it special. Since then, Spiro has constantly confirmed that there are no small roles...

Spiro Guberina was born in sunny Šibenik, where he spent his childhood, which was marked by tragedy. At the age of twelve, Spiro lost his mother, and then his older sisters took care of him. They educated him and encouraged him not to give up.

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As a boy, he played the cello, as he said, "only for three months". Then, in fact, the professor advised him to do better! However, he had Spiro and other talents. At that time, he played his first roles in the Sibenik theater. But he didn't know right away that he wanted to be an actor. At first he wanted to be a mathematician.

In high school, he got along best with numbers, and his desire to study first construction, and then mathematics, came from Dalmatian logic: - Once you learn mathematics, then you have nothing more to learn! –

However, life took him in a different direction. He entered the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, from which he graduated in 1958. Not long after that, he joined the permanent cast of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, and performed the title role of "The Idiot" directed by Para i Violić.

In his long career, the legendary Strikan played many interesting characters - Divac, Mata Pivac, Očenašak, Vita, Krelet, Matek and many others. His specific facial expressions and way of speaking captured the attention of the camera and the audience.

And it was his "slip" in speech that got him to the academy. In fact, Spiro was very interesting to Branko Gavella, its founder. He gave him tasks every afternoon to help reduce the nervousness that was the cause of his stuttering. So, as a first-year student, he gave him the role of a priest called Sir Oliver Kvaritekst. He would jokingly say: "Spiro spoils the text" -

But sometimes Spiro knew how to improve the text. Namely, the famous Strikan's "Muke mi ježove" comes from Spira. When he was preparing for the role, he inquired at the postman's place and was told this one, which became and remains iconic.

Colleagues remember Špira for his extraordinary humor and refinement. He was an actor who showed that there are no small roles. He got the most out of every one he got. He did it because the stage was his first home! He felt best on her.

For his outstanding accomplishments, Špiro received, among other awards, the Vladimir Nazor award, the award for life's work in the field of dramatic art, and the award of the Order of Croatian Danica with the image of Marko Marulić. Spiro said that he had achieved more in his life than he could have dreamed of! The only thing he regretted was that he didn't marry his beloved wife Ingrid earlier, but only at the age of thirty-six...

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