Leander Brozović

Oct 2, 1897 - Aug 31, 1962(64)

Foundation of the Museum of the City of Koprivnica

Museum beauties

The Museum of the City of Koprivnica is located at Trg Leander Brozovića 1 in Koprivnica, which was officially opened on July 27, 1951, inside the representative town house of Dr. Sulimanović in Esterova Street. The volunteer work of Leander Brozović is the foundation of the creation of the Museum. Namely, Brozović brought about a great revolution by starting the Proceedings of the Museum of the City of Koprivnica in 1946 by Leander Brozović, which was published in eight volumes until 1953 and which is the predecessor of today's Podravka Proceedings, and opened the door to the future creation of the City Museum. In this collection, Leander published texts about the great and small Koprivnica, as well as a list of deceased laymen from the crypt of the Franciscan monastery in Koprivnica. With this kind of Podravka Collection in 1957, Brozović created the very beginnings of a Museum that will captivate you with its legacies in the fields of history, ethnology, archeology, and sacred art. On the central square of Koprivnica, the Museum presents classical and contemporary art and has been a place of direct encounter with cultural heritage for more than half a century. The museum consists of as many as three galleries, each of which has its own charm - visit the Mijo Kovačić Gallery, whose main focus is painting on canvas, then take a look at the Naive Art Gallery in Hlebine, which places special emphasis on the works of Ivan Generalić, and then take a walk through the Ivan Sabolić Sculpture Gallery, where in the park in front of the gallery you can enjoy the Winter Sun sculpture in which Sabolić's urn is stored. Presenting the colorful history of the city, the Museum stands for a source of intriguing exhibits, an excellent staff of educated employees who strive to bring visitors closer to Koprivnica in all its glory. If you are on your way to Koprivnica, remember these details behind which hides the proud face of Leander Brozović - the founder and director of the Museum of the City of Koprivnica!

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