Krunoslav "Kićo" Slabinac

Mar 28, 1944 - Nov 13, 2020(76)

The most versatile Croatian singer

From a ballet dancer, to a tambourine player, to a bald rocker.

The first hobby of rocker and later folk singer Krunoslav "Kiće" Slabinac in his youth was no less than ballet. Mama Dragica wrote it on him. There, even as a small boy, he gained a sense of rhythm and music. But it was a long way from ballet dancer to rocker. Kićo's first contact with playing was in the tambourine orchestra of the elementary school where he played the tambourine.

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Where did the still unpopular rock'n'roll in the 50s of the last century in Yugoslavia come from in this whole story? Neighbor Alfons Hruška was to blame for everything. According to Kica, he was one of the biggest discophiles in Yugoslavia. In his house, which was located right next to Kićina, he had a huge collection of records by world artists. He often listened to music through the open window of his room. That's when Kićo heard rock'n'roll for the first time in his life. He begged his father for a long time to buy him a guitar. As soon as he got it, he threw away the tambourine and started playing around Osijek under the name "Little Rocky" because he didn't want to be called Kićo Slabinac. Later, Kićo used to say that they were the real vanguard. How could they not, when they were the first rock singers in this area. They played gaže at Osijek dance parties, which were very popular at that time. Each neighborhood had its own dance floor. In the breaks between dance hits, the organizers would let them play two or three rock'n'roll songs to their heart's content. Having discovered Kića's incredible voice, all those close to him told him that he would be an opera singer. But Kićo had only one love in his youth, from which nothing could distract him. It didn't bother him that the rock genre was not acceptable to most people, especially older people, at that time. However, due to his subcultural affiliation, Kićo also experienced many inconveniences. This charismatic singer, following the popular trend of long-haired and long-bearded rockers, decided to avoid a beard for a while. This did not please his conservative father who could not bear his son being hairy like a monkey. Ćale invited him to the hallway of the Varnai photo shop under the pretext that he needed to show him something. When he wasn't looking - zoom. The clipper went through his hair, and Vice looked like a Cherokee Indian. There was no more room for bun, he had to cut his hair immediately. Baldly. Having gone bald, he was no longer a monkey, now he was classified as typhus.

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