Ivan Blažević

May 11, 1959 - Oct 19, 2017(58)

A loving ladys man

They loved him

All through his life, my grandpa was extremely friendly and outgoing. He could make friends with anyone. He’d walk into the bank and come out an hour later with three new pals. That’s just the way he was. Though he enjoyed meeting everyone at Casa de Manana, he definitely preferred the ladies. As he said, “You know; I have no interest in guys, really. I can say ‘Hi, how are you?’ but that’s about it. We have nothing to talk about. I much prefer the company of women.” And the ladies preferred him right back. He’d always notice when they styled their hair differently or were wearing a pretty brooch. He’d let them know how nice they looked, and even if nothing had changed, he’d say, “You look beautiful today.” They LOVED it — and him.

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