Dino Škrapić

Apr 3, 1970 - Oct 22, 2009(39)

Unstoppable ambition

He raced through life like an unstoppable comet - but towards the stars.

Dino was the only son of Marisa, a doctor from Rovinj, and a mechanical engineer father. He lived with them in Rovinj until he was sixteen. He attended elementary school in Rovinj, and completed two grades of lower secondary school in an Italian high school. He was an excellent student since childhood. He would go to school in the morning and regularly attend piano lessons in the afternoon. At first, he learned to play the piano with private teachers, and then he attended the Music School in Pula. In 1986, he graduated as a professional pianist.

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In the same year, this talented sixteen-year-old received the Istria Nobilissima award and was admitted to the Italian college United World College of the Adriatic. He graduated from that college as an excellent student and in 1988 he obtained the international baccalaureate. The following year, he entered the Polytechnic Faculty in Milan, where he obtained a degree in electrical engineering.

After graduation, he got a job at the Polytechnic in Lausanne as a researcher. In 1997, he was hired by Motorola. He worked in several prestigious world locations and traveled often. A few years later, he started attending the London Business School where he obtained an MBA with full honours. He then got a job in two prestigious London banks - Goldman Sachs International and Nomura International. Finally, he worked at the insurance company Generali in Trieste. He has been bilingual since childhood (he spoke Italian and Croatian), and later he mastered English, French and German.

Despite his extremely successful career and the busy life he led studying and working, Dino always found time for his loved ones. He liked to play tennis and attend concerts. He always returned to his hometown - Rovinj and the sea. Nothing relaxed him like sailing. He rested listening to the sound of the waves hitting the sailboat. At only forty years old, he went too soon to where he enjoys listening to the sea forever.

In memory of his late son, Ph.D. Marisa Sciolis Škrapić founded the Dino Škrapić MBA Foundation, which supports young, hardworking and gifted people. The purpose of the Foundation is to support full-time students of technical courses and students of music schools and to help the Parish of St. Euphemia in Rovinj. In May 2022, she also donated HRK 4 million to the city of Rovinj for the renovation of a youth center on the site of the former restaurant Školjka. The center will be named after Dina, and with these gestures the family wants to continue his life through education and helping young generations. Dina's life path is extremely motivating. With his efforts and talent, he managed to achieve an enviable global career and his success will continue to live on in all young people who, with the help of the Foundation and the Center, succeed in realizing their ambitions.

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