Božena Loborec

Jun 2, 1926 - Jan 5, 2003(76)

Poet of people and life

Literary creativity in the blood

The writer Božena Loborec was born in Koprivnica in 1926. This woman was a poet, prose writer, feulettist, prose writer and satirist. She left a big mark on the literary creativity of the city of Koprivnica.

Growing up between the two world wars in the family of the Koprivnica printer Loborc (whose career and path were a clear landmark for Božena's life direction), Božena's work was accordingly inspired by such events, while the motives of her creativity, on the other hand, stemmed from her love for Koprivnica. In fact, Božena loved her hometown so much that some people would think she was even slightly obsessed with it.

Academically educated in Zagreb and Koprivnica in the period from 1947-1953, the writer is remembered as a teacher of Croatian and Russian as well as the director of the library in Koprivnica, while within the guild-literary environment she was adorned with epithets such as a benevolent, experienced colleague with a very special approach young writers in development.

Namely, Bozena would point out mistakes, give advice and write forewords to beginners in both ways – both strict and intriguing.

Cheerful, defiant and somewhat gruff, Božena Loborec is best described in the words of the great Joža Skok, who says: "Loborec's poetic unrest, screams, dark tones, manifestation of dramatic and tragic situations and misunderstandings with life, words of indignation and protest should not be equated with pessimistic features her poetry. Because besides all that, she is essentially a poet of people and life."

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