Žuži Jelinek

Jul 17, 1920 - Jan 23, 2016(96)

A woman who lived love

And in love, Žuža believed that more is more.

Žuži Jelinek was married four times! At the age of 80, she shone for the last time as a bride. She married retired judge Milorad Ronkulin and stayed with him for the rest of her life.

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Regarding her first husband, Erich Jelinek, she said that she divorced him too hastily. And that's because of adultery! Probably, if this had happened in her later years, she would have done things much differently. Because Žuža herself said that it would be best for her and the children if she stayed married to Erich Jelinek. However, she didn't even want that then and married someone else.

When she married her second husband, Franck Lüthy, a lawyer from Geneva, she said that it was a marriage of convenience and that there was no love. Shortly after her second husband, Žuža married for the third time. As Žuži says: "on paper, without paper it doesn't count!"

Her third husband was Vladimir Majer, a tall, handsome former minister. Nevertheless, Žuži claimed that she only loved her first and last husband! Namely, Žuži and Milorad each lived on their own side of Ban Jelačić Square. They would meet twice a day and wave to each other from the window during the day.

And in love, Žuža believed that more is more. She wrote, "Make love with whom you arrive, when you arrive and where you arrive. And then you don't have to admit that to anyone!"

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