Stan Lee

Dec 28, 1922 - Nov 12, 2018(96)

Stan and the first lady

An unforgettable meeting between the American First Lady and the chatty Stan.

As a sixteen-year-old, Stan Lee, then still named Stanley Lieber, worked as a doorman at the Rivoli Theater in midtown Manhattan. There he once had a memorable meeting with the first lady, Mrs. Roosevelt.

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Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt came to see a theater performance. All the young men who worked at the premiere at that time hoped that the first lady would pass right through their door so that they could show her her seat.

Stanley was so lucky. He was very proud. He walked through the hall with a flashlight pointed at the feet of an exclusive guest. Stretching out and raising his head, he directed her: - This way, Madam President! – which, of course, was a completely wrong way of addressing the first lady. And at the moment when it seemed that this exclusive task would be carried out smoothly and without any problems, the worst happened.

Excited Stanley did not see the extended leg extended by a careless spectator. He jumped and fell as wide and long as he was. He couldn't manage it, and "Mrs. President" helped him get up by wrapping her arms around his shoulders. - Are you okay, young man? – she asked him, and at that moment Stanley regretted out of shame that he couldn't fall into the ancient parquet floor of a fancy theater.

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