Emilij Laszowski

Apr 1, 1900 - Nov 28, 1949(50)


How Emilius almost lost his best friend

Emilius was a well-liked man in society. He was popular, always joking, singing and entertaining his friends, to the extent that they would hardly let him return home to his wife and children. Emilij and his wife Josefina were invited to a get-together that lasted late into the night. They decided to go home first, and his friends didn't like that. They tried to persuade him to stay another hour or two, but Emilius was just as adamant about spending the rest of the night in bed. He returned to his apartment, and after a while his phone rang. He was told that his best friend was sick and might die. Allegedly, Emilij traveled a kilometer and a half in 7 minutes just to find his friend alive and well. Although the unsavory joke caused quite a bit of stress and concern, Emilius still decided to continue hanging out with his friends who wanted him so much that they faked death.

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