Miroslav "Ćiro" Blažević

Feb 10, 1935 - Feb 8, 2023(88)

From broom to victory

On one occasion, students asked Ćira how he overcame the difficult beginnings in Switzerland. And Ćiro then gave them advice that they never forgot...

A few years ago, the great Ćiro was a guest of honor at a student forum. Inside the small space near the Student Center in Zagreb, so many people gathered that there was no air. There was no place to sit and no place to stand. Dozens of students remained standing outside just so they could hear some legendary statement from the legend, a man full of charisma.

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Ćiro then started telling stories about his football journey. About Switzerland, Bosnia, Iran, Croatia and Dinamo. He talked about his poor origins, rich present and greatest victories. He spoke about Dinamo in 1982, Vatreni in 1998 and long-term victories over cancer.

— This disease is not as strong as I have money for the best doctors! — said Ćiro about the secret of his health.

However, one legendary statement remained the most memorable from the entire stand.

When one of the students asked him about how he overcame the most difficult beginnings in Switzerland, he answered in his own style.

— Son, it's very simple for you. I came to Switzerland, I knew nothing, I didn't know anyone and I had nothing. I came to a gentleman for work and he told me. "Here's a broom for your mother's pussy." I took that broom, kept quiet and worked. That's how I passed. Everyone who wants to work should be told: 'Here's a broom, your mother's pussy!' — and that is the solution.

From that day, it became one of the quotes that was always repeated in our society. Whenever someone needs to go, we just add that broom and get to work.

Thank you Ćiro for everything,

by Dina Jerković.

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