Krunoslav "Kićo" Slabinac

Mar 28, 1944 - Nov 13, 2020(77)

About the nickname "Kičo"

How did Krunoslav get the nickname "Kićo"?

The famous singer and composer of folk music, Krunoslav "Kićo" Slabinac, was not always known as "Kićo". His first pseudonym was "Little Rocky". He took him because he was a hard rocker!

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He got his most famous nickname "Kićo" from his sister. This nickname was "proven" by an anecdote.

Namely, in the post-war period, a film was shown on television that made fun of the bureaucracy. In it, the main character was a small bureaucrat who had stacks of papers, books, and accounts in his office from floor to ceiling and, while working, constantly whistled a song. He was very small and funny, just like Krunoslav. The bureaucrat's name was Kićo. Little Krunoslav, he liked to imitate that bureaucrat walking strangely and whistling. When his sister saw it, she shouted: - Oh, look at him! The same Kid from the cartoon! - And that's how he became, but also remained all his life - Kićo.

It is less known that Kićo almost had a foreign career in Germany. He recorded singles for the publishing house "Phonogram Phillips", which was also not satisfied with the name and surname of the famous singer. There, they really made an effort when choosing a stage name!

The publishing house came up with an extraordinary German-Balkan combination. In Germany, Kićo was known as Štefan Andrić.

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