Marko Muhić

Jul 20, 1975 - Mar 23, 2010(35)


- Even today, when I make something beautiful, it seems to appear in front of me. I hear him say to me: "Congratulations, brother!" - said Stoka about his friend.

Muha was my first neighbor. We grew up together in Horvatovac, although he was ten years older than me. Since he left, I have never met such an interlocutor. Someone I would love to talk to.

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He was charming, handsome, friendly. What I liked most about him was his persistence. He was extremely fond of cars, fast and of high quality. His wish was to one day start a dealership in Zagreb for a company, Ferrari or Maserati. After a lot of work, he succeeded. He was a representative for a long time.

I can tell this now, now no one can punish him for it. As a young man, he was an adventurer. He drove me at 260 km/h on Vukovarska street, in a blue Ferrari!

Unfortunately, dear God quickly called him to himself. He died too young, at the age of 30, after an illness. I remember him many times and believe that he is there with me. To this day, whenever I do something beautiful, it seems to appear in front of me. I hear him say to me: - Congratulations, brother! –

This memory was preserved by Mark's friend Marin Jovanović "Stoka".

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