Siniša Pamić

Dec 8, 1960 - Jul 16, 2004(44)

An unexpected bag

Don't reach for someone else's and your heart will be rewarded

Siniša Pamić Siniša had a friend Kaz who worked in a cinema and he gave him a free ticket to see a movie. Entering the cinema hall, he took his seat and waited for the movie to start, but at that moment a black man's bag that was under his seat caught his eye. He opened it hoping to find some documents so that he could return the lost bag to its unfortunate owner. Opening the bag, he saw a huge sum of money, but no document. The lights went dark, the movie started, and Siniša had no peace. He thought that it would be nice if the money was his because he was young and poor at that period of his life. But at no point did he think of taking that money. He rushed out of the hall and looked for his friend Kaz to tell him what he found and how to get to the owner. During their conversation, they did not come up with any good ideas, but luckily the owner came. It was a worried man with a crutch, he asked them in a trembling voice if they knew anything about the lost money bag. Siniša laughed from ear to ear and a stone fell from his heart. He handed the man his money, for which the latter thanked him and said that it was his severance pay from Germany and that he really needed the money because of his disability. There were about 50 thousand marks in the purse and the owner wanted to reward Siniša with a percentage for his kindness, but Siniša refused and said that he was the happiest because the money was returned to the one to whom it really belongs.

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