Mirko Miočić

Jul 23, 1956 - May 15, 2017(61)

Mirko and quizzes

In the first years of the "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE" quiz show, in one season he was invited as a joker by as many as 48 contestants, and he answered correctly 45 times.

His interest in quizzes goes back to his high school days, when he first appeared in the quiz Three, Two, One, but his first appearance was in 1972, when he was a student in the second grade of the gymnasium in Rijeka. He already had great knowledge and won second place. In 1982, he applied to Kviskotek, where he won as many as three shows and took home 20,000 dinars at the time. A year later, he won the year-long Kviskoteka series. Also, he was selected among the best competitors of all time. In the final competition. In 1986, he won third place, which he shared with Jasenko Stanišić, and the first two places went to Radoslav Dodig and Robert Pauletic. He tried himself as a competitor in almost all knowledge quizzes that existed in Croatia during his lifetime (Diplomac, 3,2,1, Quiz, Challenge, Jackpot, 1 against 100, All in 7...), and he is best known for competing in the quiz Who he wants to be a millionaire. Because of him, the aforementioned quiz changed the rules, so one person could be "joker call" a maximum of three times in a season. Namely, he was the record holder for "call the joker". In the first years of the quiz show, in one season he was invited as a joker by as many as 48 contestants, and of those, he answered correctly 45 times. Then he earned more than HRK 100,000. He himself competed in the quiz and won HRK 32,000. In 2013, he signed up for the television show Potjera, as a hunter, for which he performed until the beginning of March 2016, when he had to leave the show due to health reasons.

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