Mario Vrbanec

Aug 31, 1967 - Feb 23, 1992(24)

"Bear" from the first line

His comrade said about Mari: "His calm spirit carried great self-confidence that he spread around him."

Mario Vrbanec was born as the younger of two sons in the family of Stjepan and Dragica née Novak. He grew up together with his three years older brother, Vlad, and spent his childhood on the streets of his native Zagreb.

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His father worked as a driver, and his mother was a worker. Mario finished elementary school in Zagreb, and high school in catering in Varaždin.

He was a chef by profession, and he worked at "RIS". In his spare time, he liked to play and watch football, and by nature he was calm, sympathetic and generous. That's why they called him "Medo".

With the beginning of the war, Mario joined the defense of Lipa Naša. He became a member of the National Protection 155th Brigade of the Croatian Army, and then was mobilized into the 101st Brigade of the Croatian Army.

He participated in the defense of Croatia on the Pokupska and Slavonska battlefields. His comrade said about Mari: - His calm spirit carried great self-confidence that he spread around him. –

Mario laid down his life on the altar of the Motherland at the age of twenty-five. He died in a traffic accident on the front line in Tomašanci near Đakovo, while performing his war duty.

During his funeral ceremony, the sergeant told him: - Our dear Medo, our dear Mali! Let's not believe the truth! We have to put you down in a cold grave, but here we promise you that we will never forget you... -

Mario, the hero of our freedom, was posthumously promoted to the rank of officer lieutenant of the Croatian Army. He was awarded the Order of Petr Zrinski and Fran Krsta Frankopan and the Memorial of the Homeland War.

His honorable name is printed on the monument at the cemetery in Stenjevac and on the monument in Paulin Dvor erected by the 101st brigade of the Croatian Army.

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