Tomislav Lesić

May 10, 1950 - Nov 20, 1991(42)

"Doc" from Vukovar hospital

"One life died, and another came into the world." Thanks to the brave "Doc", one family from Nuštra is together today.

Tomislav Lesić was simply called "Doc" by the wounded soldiers and the people of Vukovar.

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This native of Zagreb, with a master's degree in pharmacy, immediately joined the HOS at the beginning of the war. As a member of the medical staff of the 204th Vukovar Brigade of the HV, he went to the Eastern Slavonic battlefield.

There he helped the wounded in the Vukovar hospital. One of them, Šandor, will remember Tomislav as long as he lives. Namely, Tomislav directly gave his blood to Šandor at a critical moment and thus saved his life. Filled with infinite gratitude, Sandor then promised him that he would name his third child after him.

Still lying in the hospital, Sandor reached for the phone and called his aunt. Doctor Vesna Bosanac generously "got" him a phone, but warned him to hurry up with the conversation. "I'm alive! Tell Marijana to name the child, if it's a boy, Tomislav! I'll explain why if I get out of the hospital alive!" he quickly declared.

Namely, Sandor was already declared dead by the MUP. Mirjana's wife, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, did not know that he had survived until that call. Thanks to Tomislav's courage and self-sacrifice, Šandor left the Vukovar hospital together with a convoy of wounded on October 23, 1991. But his savior and friend Tomislav was not so lucky.

Tomislav, together with the rest of the hospital staff, bravely stayed at the hospital to treat the wounded in Vukovar. After the fall of Vukovar, he was taken from the hospital to the camp. On November 20, 1991, he was killed in Ovčara.

By some unknown miracle, it happened that on the day of Tomislav's death, Šandor's son was born. The son of the man Tomislav saved. Mirjana's mother immediately named him "Tomislav" in accordance with her husband's wishes.

The life of "Doc" Tomislav ended forever on that fateful day. But thanks to him, little Tomislav grew up with his father.

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