Titus Karger

Jan 1, 1800 - Mar 25, 1860(60)

The lost crown

How Karger returned one of the most significant symbols of European rule and thus saved Hungary!

Titus Karger was a Hungarian officer and baron. But this giant did something incredible! Namely, he was a real treasure hunter.

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Crown of St. Stjepan is one of the most important symbols of Hungary. The material value of the Crown of St. Stjepana was valued at only 20,000 gold forints at the beginning of the 19th century, but its symbolic meaning is much greater. Namely, no Hungarian king was considered legitimate until he was crowned with this golden crown. For example, Charles I. Robert had to be crowned three times, until in 1310 he was also crowned with the Crown of St. Stjepan, and only then did he legally become king. Namely, the Crown was ascribed a special legal personality, in such a way that all the powers of the monarch, viceroy or government derive from the sacred power of the Crown.

Because of this, it would be a great tragedy for Hungary, but also for the countries under its rule, if that crown disappeared without a trace. But this is exactly what happened in the post-war years.

Namely, the revolution that broke out in Hungary in 1848 and the military defeat in 1849 forced Lajos Kossuth to flee, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bartol Szemre had a chest with Hungarian royal insignia buried at the foot of the Aliona hill, between Cerna and Orsova. No one knew where the crown was for five full years, and during that time no one could be crowned king of Hungary. However, it was lucky that the persistent Titus went in search of her.

In September 1853, Karger found the end of Orsova in a buried iron chest of Hungarian royal insignia. Because of this great work, Emperor King Franjo Josip I did him a great honor! He awarded him a small cross of the Order of St. Stjepan, and the following year the title of baron.

Karger retired in 1857 as a lieutenant colonel and then came to live with his aunt Floriana Maria Karger, head of the Ursuline monastery in Varaždin.

On his cross on the grave, it was written in Latin: "Tito baron Karger, the military major who took the crown of Saint Stephen from the rebels near Oršava, rests here". The significance of Kerger's work can be seen in the fact that the mentioned crown is still part of the Hungarian state symbols, coat of arms and flag.

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