Mani Gotovac

Nov 12, 1939 - Nov 12, 2019(80)

About the first editor

Who was the first editor of the famous Mani?

The famous Croatian writer Igor Mandić and the equally famous theater critic and director Mani Gotovac have known each other since their school days. Both attended the classical high school in Split. Mandić said that, from the first exchanged sentences, they recognized each other as soul mates.

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Together, they published the school newspaper, which, as Mandić describes, they "pretentiously" named "Oči". It was issued on a schapirograph, then the only device available for issuing sheets. They wrote articles for new issues late into the night. Mani wrote several articles for that paper, and Mandić had the honor of being "the first real editor" who published her works. They remained inseparable friends for the rest of their lives.

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